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Iswap Takes Aim At The State In Cameroon

[ISS] Since the Boko Haram crisis went regional in 2013, communities in Cameroon, Chad and Niger have suffered the consequences ...  

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Cameroon Civilians Flee After Deadly Boko Haram Attack On Nigeria Border

[VOA] Yaounde, Cameroon -- Cameroon says hundreds of civilians have fled Sagme, a northern village on the border with Nigeria, after a Boko Haram attack Saturday that left eight government troops dead and 13 wounded, according to a press release. The

Cameroon Sends Defense Minister To French-speaking Towns And Villages Under Rebel Attack

[VOA] Mbouda, Cameroon -- Cameroon's government has sent Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo, to the border between the English- and French-speaking regions amid increasing English-speaking separatist incursions into French-speaking towns and villages.

Cameroon Police Intercept Pangolin Scales Trafficked From 3 Central African States

[VOA] Yaounde, Cameroon -- Cameroonian police say they have for the first time during the pandemic seized parts of an estimated 2,000 pangolins poached in Cameroon and neighboring Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Police say travel restrictions had slowed

Olympic Games - Team Cameroon Finalises Preparations

[Cameroon Tribune] After training in Hita for two weeks Cameroonian athletes are rounding off the last phase of their training in Tokyo.

French Investors Prospect In Douala

[Cameroon Tribune] The delegation of five different companies will be in Cameroon for three days.

Electoral Campaign - First Part Of Public Funding Available

[Cameroon Tribune] Candidates or their representative are invited to go and sign the campaign funds at the Ministry of Territorial Administration today, September 19, 2018.

Feast Of Sacrifice - President Paul Biya's Happy Wishes

[Cameroon Tribune] This is contained in a bilingual tweet

Muslims Plead For An End To Separatist Crisis

[VOA] Yaounde, Cameroon -- Muslims in Cameroon have marked the Eid al-Adha, Festival of the Sacrifice, by praying for an end to the country's separatist conflict, which has killed more than 3,000 people since 2017. Muslim leaders also called on

Authorities Say Students And Teachers Defy Separatists' School Lockdown

[VOA] Yaounde, Cameroon -- Authorities in Cameroon said at least 70,000 schoolchildren and their teachers have returned to classrooms this year in the troubled western regions. The schools had been abandoned due to threats from English-speaking rebels,

Manifestations Against State Institutions - Govt Urges Cameroonians To Be Exemplary In Republican Morality

[Cameroon Tribune] Below is a statement from the Minister of Communication.

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